Simple Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? You must remember that the lack of proper planning will not work in your favor. In order to help you out, here are some simple ways to make your bathroom look as good as new.

Remodeling the bathroom of your house is perhaps the most impressive way by which you can add value to your property. It has been recently found in a survey that bathrooms are the most renovated and remodeled parts in households. The reason they get remodeled so often is that bathrooms are usually small in size and although the cost remains less, the scope to bring your creativity into play is literally infinite.

Let us look at the ways which can help in making your bathroom stand out as the most beautiful room in your house:

#1. A Stylish Mirror: Most people believe that bathroom mirrors only serve the purpose of combing hair or checking makeup. However, a right-sized mirror not only adds light to the bathroom, but also helps in visually expanding the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are available in various sizes, shapes, frames and designs. You will have to purchase the one which will sync well with the bathroom.

#2. The Bathtub: There is hardly any vision more soothing than the call of a relaxing bath in a bathtub after a tired and toilsome day. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the right bathtub. Ideally, a bathtub with a length of 5 feet (60 inches) is fine. A perfect bathtub supports your back and beck, and you do not want your entire body to fit inside the tub. you can compromise on the length and go for an extra-deep one.

#3. Dim Lighting: Except for lighting the mirror area with sconces, it is better to keep the lighting in bathrooms as dim as possible. Dim lights has a very pleasant and aesthetic appeal, and helps to soothe the senses quicker. In short, your bathroom will be a better place for you to relax. If you do not like an all-throughout dim setting, install a dimmer switch to increase the power of the lights whenever required.

#4. Durable Flooring: Flooring in a bathroom should have a great durability and also must have an excellent water-resistant quality. Stone, marble and ceramic tiles are the most suitable ones. However, there is one very important thing you need to keep in mind. When you make the purchase, make sure that the tiles are non-slip. This will lower the chances of accidents due to slipping.

#5. Save Space: The last thing you would want to see is your bathroom all cluttered. In order to systematize your bathroom, cabinet installation is your best option. Cabinets come in handy in organizing sets of clothes, towels and other accessories. If the size of your bathroom is small, you can go for vertical cabinet systems as they take up very little floor area but provides an adequate amount of storing space.

#6. Open-concept Shower Area: If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a confined shower stall or a shower area covered with doors or curtains, opt for an open-concept shower area. High wall-mounted shower heads or ceiling-mounted shower heads will give you an open air showering experience.

Unless you are going for a complete overhaul, do not move the plumbing to a different location in the bathroom. Changing their places is often very heavy on the pocket. Moreover, you can also place houseplants like Aloe Vera which grow well in the humid conditions of a bathroom. They will not only keep the air fresh, but a small touch of greenery will also make the bathroom look more attractive.